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Congratulations to the followers, We are happy to announce Alpha state. Right now you can exchange between regular trade pairs, but there will be more in the future!

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We are REAL DEX based on Graphene technology. Up to 5000 transactions per second with 2ms delay. Don't believe this is possible on DEX? Then check it out by yourself!

What is an ID.DEX?

Let us Introduce Our Exchange & Coin.

ID.DEX is a DEX exchange running on Graphene technology. We made serious changes to Graphene core and managed all main issues which usually faced Graphene running projects.

ID.DEX nodes are not missing blocks and download it later. All transactions are processing in real time without any delays. Current code revision core capacity is not less than 300000 transcations in a second.

Modified Graphene UI also have less delays with nodes connection. We refubrished connection socket and upgrade it to avoid any order processing delay.

API also was modified and works much faster comparing to base version. It supports all common operations like usual, but have more security features implemented.

Benifit of using our solution

See the difference between ID.DEX and other DEX projects.

Block time

2 seconds In production version


5000 Transactions in 1 block

Independent Blockchain

14 Nodes on alpha

Initial Listed Assets

10 Stablecoins listed


Short brief information about ID.DEX and IDChain projects.

Interactive Decisions Chain Coin (IDC) is a token with POW, POS and Masternodes. Based on NIST5 algorithm. Find more information about IDC on it website.

The main porpoise of an IDC is to pay fees on our decentralized exchanger, but at the same time IDC can be used as an independent payment service.

You can use BTC, LTC, and DOGE pairs right now. There will be more pairs in the future. During alpha phase we will add about 10-20 featured coins.

IDX is DEX token. We decide do not mix IDC blockchain with ID.DEX. ID.DEX running with own token IDX and our customers always can exchange IDC to IDX with 1:1 rate without any limits. IDX is not possbile to mine, but it using Delegated Proof-of-Stake (DPoS) consensus, which is a fast, efficient, decentralized, and highly flexible blockchain design.

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